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Transcending the Control System: The Physics of 2012 is a site I find particularly appealing because of its scientific tenor, and completely out-of-the-box range of field. I love discussions which deal with the practical intersection of hyperspacial dimensions with common consensus reality, and this is found here in spades.

Transcending the Control System: The Physics of 2012

YouTube – Cell Phone War

FireWire vs. USB 2.0 – Speed Comparison

The HeartMath Report

The HeartMath Report
emWave Personal Stress Reliever

Hey, I’ve got one of those, and it’s pretty cool. Pretty straightforward biofeedback mechanism about the sise of an iPod. In fact, taking it out of it’s packaging was very reminiscent of Apple’s tendency to package everything as if it were a precious jewel. Very sweet.

And they call it “food”…

Well, then, this horrific video pretty much seals the case regarding factory farming, and a devastating degree of human degradation. The Video That the Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You to See

The debate of whether or not humans are omnivorous/carnivorous animals by nature or design has nothing to do with the dimension of cruelty visited upon these fellow conscious beings. That’s not the question. There have been, historically and in present time human cultures that consume the flesh of animals, that do so out of the necessity of survival. Nowhere else is such inconceivable heartlessness manifested as here. The most potent indictment of the criminality of western culture is in fact right here, because this has been happening right here, in the heartland of the good ‘ol USA, for decades.

The intense denial, the refusal to acknowledge the consciousness of these animals… the insensitivity… are these perpetrators of violence upon other species even human? if so, what is the meaning of humanity?

Anyone who considers themselves a conscientious member of a progressive civilized culture (i.e. a “good person”) could not possibly continue to derive sustenance from the agribusiness production/distribution system. A person who continues to knowingly consume the flesh of animals or the products and by-products derived from the factory-farm process is in fact complicit in maintaining its existence, and thereby contributing to the holocaust of the animal kingdom. If you do partake of “happy meals” constructed out of this abject hellish misery, then this video defines YOU.

How could it be otherwise?

Inspired Visions

Beforewarned: there are many thumbnail images (over 1700) here, so a fast connection is advisable. But still, well worth the trip.

erowid art swarm

CommunityWiki: HiveMind

Over at CommunityWiki: HiveMind,
they use the phrase Hive Mind to talk about the theme of mass global communication.

I think it’s pretty cool.


A page dedicated to Wabi Sabi on the C2 wiki

election day heroism

here’s how it went for me:

the polls were closing at 7pm, so I managed to get out of work by 6:03pm, rode my bike over to the poll site getting there by about 6:10, where I couldn’t find my name on any of the precinct lists. I called the secretary of state office, and they told me i had to go to another location halfway across town. I judged that i would not find a ride in time, so i decide to bike it. it’s now 6:15 and it takes me about ’til 6:22 to get seriously into my bike gear for a now serious bike ride, in contrast to the leisurely ride earlier.

so now i’m pedaling furiously, making the heroic effort to make it to the poll before they close. about 2-thirds of the way there, maybe a mile-and-a-half to go, my rear tire blows out. but i’m not gonna stop, nosirrrreee! it’s my right and my privilege to participate in the grandest social experiment in recorded history, and no-way am i going to miss out because of technical difficulties. i don’t even want to look at my watch, i just keep pedaling furiously, and it’s a lot less fun after dark with traffic and all, and sloshing and fishtailing on that soggy flat rear tire.

so, i finally arrive at the poll site, sweatily and huffily striding in at 6:55, they tell me to find my precinct, hand me a ballot after signing me in, and off i go to the freestanding super-secret cardboard box voting cubicle thingy.

now, i could have gone the straight-party-vote route, but that looked too easy, i wanted to make sure i made my preference known for each and every candidate and office and bond and amendment…

because i had waited to the last possible moment to get informed, i made sure i had a copy of the reporter and some other local-intelligentia 30% post-consumer rags to rely on for guidance. as it turned out, i needn’t have bothered because the only realistic choices were all on one side anyhow.

now the truly special moment had arrived, whereupon i would place the scanable ballot form (which i had painstakingly filled in all the little circles properly just like they had taught me when taking multiple-choice tests in highschool) into the hi-tech ballot reader. i was guided by the volunteers (who were anxious to go home after what must have been a grueling day on the home front of democracy) to the machine, which looked pretty much like an upright cash-drop strongbox with a tight little document scanner fitted on top.

and i watched, as my political will was assimilated into the system by this uncommon data-entry process, i was conscious of the implicit trust i was placing in the people who had designed this peculiar hybrid portal. trust in the keepers of the human/electronic network that would assure my contribution to the political process retained integrity through an unknown number of conversions, to truly count upon the final tally as i intended, transparently as if i had merely thrown my cards upon the table for all to see.

an i uttered, from within my profound cognizance of the interconnectedness of all these things and many more, a phrase like an amen to a real and heartfelt prayer, which rose up out of me to the ears of the poll volunteers, to invoke the consciousness of this sacred trust… I said…


and they all stopped, as if stunned, in their tracks for a moment. the briefest moment of awkward silence, before the rustling of let’s-all-finish-up-and-go-back-home came up again to its moderate crescendo. but among those closest to me, one said “there are no receipts”, and another, who must have had a lizard somewhere in his family tree, said in an arrogant tone, “why would you want a receipt?”

i responded, “wal-mart gives me a receipt without my even having to ask, they want me to have it right there, like a little mini report, a statement of fact. surely, if they can give me a receipt when i just came to purchase a bag of baby snickers bars, the common american political system can provide such basic accounting assurance to its constituents. who would not benefit from this?

his retort came, “well, it’d cost a hundred million dollars to set that all up, ya know…”

at this point, i realized that the contest was not on even footing. perhaps this scion of a gecko had more than just a brain-stem, but his field of considerations was clearly circumscribed…

as i turned to leave, i cast a sardonic eye in his direction, my final words,

“hmmm …and your point is…????”

HY:PER:L:o:G rivamz

density of a long sutra, beautifully compressed impossible insight

HY:PER:L:o:G rivamz

Zen Guide to Life

digg – Turning Back the Clock: Is a G3 iMac Usable in 2006?

Great thread on DIGG regarding the usability of old Macs

digg – Turning Back the Clock: Is a G3 iMac Usable in 2006?



BY THE LIGHT OF A BURNING BRIDGE is Michael Ruppert’s farewell note to the USA, having packed up and left for good following the most recent physical attack on his alternative media enterprise,

better GUIs?

These are some cool videos on YouTube showing some currently available interactive user interfaces, and you don’t have to put on a crazy glove or body suit to get it to work.

YouTube – Panasonic Interactive Table

YouTube – helio display, air video screen

YouTube – Minority Report becomes reality

YouTube – Multi Touch Screen

YouTube – AudioPad Demo

YouTube – text rain camille utterback interactive installation

Apple Matters | Apple Market Share to Explode?

An article about where Apple may be headed as a company.
Apple Matters | Apple Market Share to Explode?

Previews of Mac OSX 10.5 “Leopard”

I giggled when I saw some of this stuff. It’ll be great, but not on my ancient G4/1Ghz Titanium Powerbook, which I never could commit to Tiger.

YouTube – REAL 10.5 Video Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz: Gourmet Food

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